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Tiffworks is a Coating Company that Provides Custom Ceramic Coating Utilizing Cerakote
About Us

About Us

Tiffworks LLC was established in 2019 and branched into Cerakoting in 2021. We pride ourselves on safety. Tiffworks does not allow any loaded weapons or ammunition on the premise at any time. All ATF rules, regulations will be adhered to according to PA State Law. At Tiffworks we use Cerakote which is a ceramic based finish, a permanent application that can’t be easily reversed. Ceramic coating lasts a very long time and provides a solid finish. It can be applied to various metals, plastics, polymers & wood. Cerakote provides increased physical performance properties specifically with resistance to abrasions, wear, corrosions and chemicals as well as impact strength. Some Cerakote formulas require air-curring while others are baked. An advantage to Cerakote once the finish is complete, is it has a good degree of lubricity acting as a lubricant. Let our trained staff help you choose the right color or patterns for you. We Cerakote Automotive parts, rims, fixtures, outdoor patio furniture, oven doors, weapons and more. Free estimates provided fully insured.

Tiffworks bring attention to detail and have rigorous quality standards, each project will end with an amazing result every single time. We provide endless color options check out www.Cerakote.com for your endless color options. We offer the Cerakote H-Series, which is a flexible coating & provides wear resistance. Consider these popular colors

Graphine Blue H-146, Burnt Orange H-148, Sniper Grey H-234, O.D Green H-236, Cobalt H-112 or Smith & Wesson Red H-2116.

At Tiffworks we provide a Limited Lifetime Warranty against finish failure. Finish failures that are covered include corrosion through the finish peeling or flaking of the finish. Conditions that will not be covered are failure of finish resulting from misuse, abuse, improper cleaning and modifications performed made after the finish process has been applied.


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